Local Pastors: The Pandemonium and The Paradigm

Many are called but few are chosen rang out loudly and exuberantly on Sunday at the home of Bethesda Christian Center, 5967 Telegraph Rd., as 6 Pastors collectively shouted their voices, as they were distancing, about this new day in the life of the people of God. However, the day came via ENCOURAGEMENT SUNDAY.

Bishop Marjorie Holt had gathered some of the local giants and spiritual prognosticators, to convey encouraging messages to those listeners and watchers who religiously wait to be spirit led and spirit fed on Sunday morning away from their Houses of Worship during the absence due to Co-Vid 19. This was the day that the intent was to shift from the PANDEMONIUM TO THE PARADIGM on purpose.

And as the day began, Bishop Kevin Sutton from Word of Faith Ministries, provided the prayer and Pastor Terri Sutton read the selected Scripture, 2 Timothy 3: 12-16 verses. Bishop Holt spoke about the present day uprising and welcomed charged, informative, and inspirational dialogue from the participants. Those that were a part of the day were Dr. Nadine Larde of Massive Praise Ministries, Apostle Marilyn Witherspoon of Altar Of God Ministries, Bishop Kevin and Pastor Terri Sutton of Word of Faith Ministries, Bishop Patrick Thomas of Kingdom Dominion Life Center, and Bishop Marjorie Holt, Ph.D. of Bethesda Christian Center Church.

Much of the Encouragement Sunday was just that. Pastor Terri Sutton spoke on how the Pandemic has provided her much thought provoking time to FOCUS ON THE FAMILY. She declared that this time has been an opportunity to identify that there is such a great need for this reflection. Each of the Pastors engaged in inspiring challenges to the Body of Christ to look at where we are and be willing to make each moment count that we are away from each other and the House of God. Bishop Holt ended the 1.5 hour session with the Pastors with a message to America, as it relates to the current events of the riots and pandemonium that we are experiencing. Her focus was “THE FIRE WON’T GO OUT! The presentation will be available to read for those interested in this paper, as well as hard copies that can be requested.

It was a day to remember and will serve as a reminder to all of us that truly WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

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