State Representative Paula Hicks Hudson: NOW AND LATER!

Many voices are speaking during these tumultuous times. However, there is a voice that has gained the confidence of the masses in Toledo and around the State of Ohio, and that is the voice of State Representative Paula Hicks-Hudson, Minority Whip, District 44.

As some believe that we are a people crying in the wilderness, it is incumbent that what one hears in this hour has merit and does not warrant second guessing to have to decipher what is true, relevant, and meaningful, juxtaposed to what is not. Many believe that what the country needs now is moral and political leadership to maintain the fabric of democracy in this country.

One person who has been consistent in her commitment is that of State Representative Paula Hicks Hudson, a former Mayor of the City of Toledo and a rooted and grounded community Activist. She has maintained a positive stance and opinion about where the community can go in the future, that will enhance the quality of life for the residents of the city, the state, and this nation.

When speaking with her recently, she referred to thoughts that she had about the City of Toledo being the shining city on the “hill” (I. E. Lake). She stated this: “ I spoke of the opportunity for our growth and being a compassionate community. The events of the last four months and this past week, it is apparent that the light is dimmer and the community is struggling to maintain our compassion. Our challenge is to acknowledge the fact that racism is the lens through which our healthcare, education, housing, and economic opportunity policy is cast. She further stated that she is proud of the work that is being done at the State, introducing Legislation to combat minority maternal health, improve infant health, and work for election reform. Justice requires sustained action”.

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