Returning To Our Roots Conference: A Big Blessing!

Columbus, Oh. is known for many things that are culturally sensitive and politically charged. However, this past weekend, the city had an opportunity to witness a conference that would take us back to understanding that it’s okay to go back, if in fact you move forward from going back.

Pastor Sharon Stewart Alexander and the House of Pavilion Ministries, hosted a spiritually networked conference, RETURNING TO OUR ROOTS, that would bring individuals and groups from other parts of Ohio, New York, and all points Columbus, all of which witnessed a highly spirited, uplifting cluster of services. Pastor Alexander shared the birthing of the conference, stating how she and her two sisters, Margie and Mary, took a trip back to their original city of birth in Mississippi and how they were inspired to begin this conference from a spiritual perspective, prompting them to release the theme: RETURNING TO OUR ROOTS, which takes its complimentary scripture from Isiah 53: 1-3 verses.

Friday evening the Conference began with Intercessory Prayer conducted by Evangelist Hunter and the prayer group, followed by an introduction to the evening service by Minister Vonda Keith. She ushered in the presence of the Lord which filled the house. Prophet Margie Nwoku ministered with a glorious and sacred

Flag ministry presentation by Prophetess Margie Nwoku during each service of the conference.

Bishop Marjorie Holt, of Bethesda Christian Center, was the guest Speaker for Friday evening and the Saturday morning service, at which she conducted a Leadership Institute titled Principles Of Leadership, engaging the Leaders of the House of Pavilion Ministries and other leaders from around the surrounding areas in attendance.

The conference continued on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning with the guest Speaker for those services Apostle Serge Eugene from New York. What a highly spirited, electrifying time that was shared by all who witnessed such. Hats off to Pastor Sharon Alexander for being led by the spirit of God and conducting such a blessed conference for the attendees. We pray God’s blessings upon her and the House of Pavilion Ministries, located at 6849 Flags Center Drive in Columbus, Oh.

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